Just Take the First Important Step Forward

Nike has the slogan that says, “Just Do It.” This sounds like a good mantra, especially for those who may still feel stocked because of not knowing the point of where and how to start something. 

Yes, it is true; the most challenging part of life is to start. But once we throw the ball and allow it to roll, it moves with a constant velocity down the lane.

Somehow, we have to start somewhere. Take the first step; We do not need to see the whole picture of the staircase, as that can be overwhelming. Allow ourselves to discover opportunities that come along each step of the way. There will always be hindrances but just keep the focus. It is essential to pay attention to planting– as the harvest comes naturally on its own .

Above all, seek first God’s wisdom and guidance. As Matthew says, “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock (7:24).

In the end, the small steps we made will make sense in life. We will have some clarity as the dots will connect on their own. Our successes will outshine our failures.

So, take the necessary first step: “Just do it.”


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