Happy 4th!!

May we work together to heal our wounds to achieve a just and lasting peace. We ask God’s presence and guidance as we respond to the Corona virus pandemic and other outbreaks of violence that may¬† ruin our peaceful way of life. God bless America and the rest of the World! _____________________________ Featured Image from […]

General Principle in Preventing Corona Virus Infection

According to Dr. Erich Anderer, a neurosurgeon and founding member of the North Brooklyn Runners group, the general principle in preventing Corona Virus infection should be: Outside is better than inside; open is better than closed; fewer is better than more people; and stay away from sick people. Source: Business Insider (May 22, 2020)

About This Blog….

The powerful experiences, compelling stories, and well-meaning people I have discovered and met in my life are my driving forces to writing and blogging. Because of my previous work in healthcare, I found healthcare ministry particularly accessible. I have accompanied several individuals and families on their life journeys, especially towards the end of life. I […]

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