Come (Burdened and Anxious) to Jesus

Scripture Readings July 5th, Sunday During the time of Jesus, it was a common practice to put a yoke to an animal; usually, a mule or a camel harnessed to do the work in transporting agricultural products to different villages. As you can imagine, it was a heavy burden for a creature to pull massive […]

Each Day Begins a Quest to Become a New and Better “You”!

Scripture Readings July 4th, Saturday The new wine of Jesus’ ministry calls for new wineskins, which means a new way of life in keeping with the good news that He proclaims. Jesus’ message calls for renewal and transformation. Each day is a day to try something new so that we become better persons. It’s time […]

Doubts May Help Us Grow in Faith

Scripture Readings July 3rd, Friday, Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle The apostle Thomas’ first reaction when he met Jesus was that of doubt that He rose from the dead. It earned him the nickname, Doubting Thomas. However, his story actually ended up with an  expression of great faith to the Lord, as he said, […]

Giving Opens the Way to Abundance

Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back (Luke 6:38). Giving bears enormous returns and rewards.  But, the act of giving is already a […]

The Serenity Prayer

We experience uncertainties as to where our world and our personal lives are heading.  We are confronting the  Coronavirus pandemic, which seems to be lingering for a while.  Cases all over the world are rising each day.  On top of this health scare, we also have seen the fresh outbreak of injustice, divisiveness, and animosity. […]

Just Take the First Important Step Forward

Nike has the slogan that says, “Just Do It.” This sounds like a good mantra, especially for those who may still feel stocked because of not knowing the point of where and how to start something.  Yes, it is true; the most challenging part of life is to start. But once we throw the ball […]

Working Too Hard is One of People’s Many Regrets in Life!

While work is vital to sustain our needs and demonstrate our God-given potentials, working too hard for the sake of money to support an extravagant lifestyle may be a source of regret in the future. Working too hard is over committing and spreading yourself thin, like grabbing every opportunity as if there is no tomorrow, […]

Be Confident About the Future

Amid our struggles and uncertainties, sometimes we may be tempted to think, is there much of a future for us? However, there is one thing that makes us confident about our future. There is one thing we know that despite trials and hardships, our road to the future will still be bright. God’s unconditional love […]

Embarking on Something New Helps Discover Our “Best Self”!

There is a scientific claim that our body undergoes cellular renewal at various rates every single day. As our body renews itself in the physiologic level, we also need to renew other aspects of our life, including our attitude towards ourselves, others, the world, and God. Renewal helps us see a different perspective of the […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Your Comfort Zone!

One of the Biblical narratives that took place around the Sea of Galilee was when Jesus appeared to the disciples. They were terrified upon seeing Jesus walking toward them on the lake. They thought He was a ghost.  They only calmed down upon knowing that it was Jesus who told them that it was Him. […]