Working Too Hard is One of People’s Many Regrets in Life!

While work is vital to sustain our needs and demonstrate our God-given potentials, working too hard for the sake of money to support an extravagant lifestyle may be a source of regret in the future.

Working too hard is over committing and spreading yourself thin, like grabbing every opportunity as if there is no tomorrow, or as if the most important thing in life is only money. Working too hard means immersing oneself totally to work, and disregarding other areas in life.

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Towards the end, many people say, “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.” True! We won’t remember how much money we had made or how many possessions we had acquired. We truly remember the people we have shared our lives with and the memories we have created. Money comes and goes, memories and friendship last a lifetime. So don’t work too hard to the point of replacing those that really matter in our lives! Do your best not to miss important events being with families and friends! Remember, balance is key!

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