Be Confident About the Future

Amid our struggles and uncertainties, sometimes we may be tempted to think, is there much of a future for us?

However, there is one thing that makes us confident about our future. There is one thing we know that despite trials and hardships, our road to the future will still be bright. God’s unconditional love is our assurance that we’re going to be okay.

God has a good plan for our lives.  Prophet Jeremiah says, God desires to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a great future (Jer29:11).

Yes,  the Lord stands firm forever ( Ps 33:11).   By looking at the history of God’s people, we know that He was always in their midst to rescue them. He did not let them go astray.

So, in everything we do, put God first. He will direct us and crown our every effort with success. With God on our side, there is a reason to be confident about the future!

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