Giving Opens the Way to Abundance

Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back (Luke 6:38).

Giving bears enormous returns and rewards.  But, the act of giving is already a reward in itself. Giving says a lot about the giver. When you give, it means God abundantly blesses you with something to share.  Giving is a precious opportunity to offer our blessings back to the Lord in thanksgiving for His enormous gifts to us.

Our lives are richer when we share. We experience tremendous joy every time we help others better their lives.

The gift of self

During this pandemic, we heard many stories about genuine acts of kindness and giving of self. I met an ICU (intensive care unit) nurse working in one of our local hospitals who took care of COVID patients. Like many of us, she also had her share of worries and uncertainties during this unprecedented time.  She thought about the impact of the pandemic on her job and the future of her family.  She was also concerned about transmitting the virus to her children because of her exposure to infected patients. She has always been careful, almost obsessed, with practicing all measures to prevent contagion. 

One day, she cared for a patient who was dying, and she chose to spend extra time to stay with the patient, held his hands to make him feel he is not alone. She shared that moment through Facetime with the patient’s loved ones who were not able to be at his side.  She said it was her way of giving a precious gift that she was privileged to give at that very moment.

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An opportunity to explore another world

As we bring hope to others, we also bring hope to our own lives. As we bring healing to others, we also bring healing to our own woundedness.  Giving provides an opportunity to look beyond our world and see the world of others, which leads us to see the bigger picture of life. When we give, we focus away from ourselves, and we slowly become less consumed with our challenges and limitations–or even our vanities!!!

Giving makes us appreciate our gifts, which brings us to the realization that the things that we worry about may not seem as significant compared to what others have gone through. 

Letting go

Giving is letting go. We have to let go of what we have to allow  God’s blessings to flow into our lives, not only in terms of financial abundance, but moreso spiritual abundance.

Many of you might have still remembered or encountered a story on how people in the past would use pumps as their source of water supply.   A pump needed to be primed with a pail of water while the handle is pushed and pulled several times to produce more water. 

The act of giving serves as a prime that invigorates the source of blessings to produce an overflowing and unceasing abundance!


Featured image taken from PEXELS, Ketut Subiyanto,

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