What is the Best Gift for Our Elderly Parent?

There were three brothers who were successful in life and were financially well-off.  They tried to outdo each other on the present for their mom, who was celebrating her 90th birthday.

The eldest gave her a big house.  The second, a luxury car with a driver to take mom to places she wanted to go. The third, a parrot who was trained for ten years to recite Bible verses. Its ability was impressive.

Their mom sent thank you notes to each one:

Robert: The house you had built for me is enormous. I live only in one room. It takes so much time to clean it, and my helper is no longer able to attend to my other needs. Thanks anyway. Mommy.

Andrew: The car is very nice. But I prefer to just stay in the house. It just stays in the garage. Thanks anyway. Mommy.

Tom, my dearest son: You are very thoughtful. That colorful little chicken was delicious! I had chicken soup for lunch and dinner for 5 days in a row with Annie.  Thank You. Mommy (Story is taken from an unknown source).

We might be thinking and wondering about what birthday or anniversary present to give our elderly parent. The latest computer gadget? A brand new car? A vacation package?  Fine dining?

Unlike active young people who so much enjoy greater happiness and satisfaction from extraordinary and unusual experiences, elderly people are generally happy with familiar and mundane experiences in life.  Perhaps because of the thinking that their time to be around may be limited and transitory, they feel a need to spend time with those who are close to their heart.

The elderly require more than an excessive material present.  They long for sympathy, moral and spiritual support, appreciation, and above all, presence.

I had worked in a long-term care facility for several years, and many residents told me that they feel the happiest and most content when their children, grandchildren, family members and close friends give them a call or pay them a visit even for a brief period of time.

In general, our elderly parents may prefer to do the things they ordinarily do with their loved ones around. It is important for us to consider not to separate them from their regular rhythm or to get them to try strange new things.  For the elderly, spending their regular activities with family members is the most cherished present on their special days.


Cover photo compliments of PEXELS:  https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-affection-baby-child-302083/

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