An Act of Kindness is a Demonstration of a Genuine Faith

There are several Gospel stories of people helping to carry the sick to Jesus to be healed. One such story is related in the Gospel of Matthew where a group of caring individuals brought a paralytic to Jesus (Mt 9:1-17).  This image of reaching out to others in need reflects the real attitude of the people of God, the Church. There is love, compassion, concern, unity, and togetherness.

There are times in our lives in which we may be wearing the shoes of the paralytic. We may be crippled and are not able to continue with our tasks.  Paralysis in this context refers not only to physical, but also to psychological, social, and spiritual incapacitation.  We may be overwhelmed with fear, doubt, and pain of our situation. There are times that we think of giving up.

We need others to lift us up to experience God’s healing.  We need friends to inspire us, to see the light of hope and stand up again on our own feet.

There are times that we may be like one of those people who carry the paralytic. Our faith, our act of kindness, and presence may lift up someone from paralysis to a journey of healing and recovery.

May we have a caring heart to look out for those who may be crippled in life as a result of various circumstances.  What they may need may just be a reminder that God is working tirelessly in their lives.  What they may need may be someone to assist them to cross over to the other side of the road to begin a new life.   We are called to show God’s hope to one another. We are all invited to be agents of the Lord’s transforming love and mercy.

An act of kindness is indeed a significant demonstration of genuine faith.

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