Do You Have Difficulty Saying Goodbye? If You Do, That Means Yo are Blessed with a Genuine Love!

Our life is filled with goodbyes. We live in a very temporary and fast-changing world.  No one and nothing in this world are permanent.  Saying goodbye is a usual part of life. We say goodbye to our old place, to our parents, children, grandchildren or friends visiting us.  We say goodbye to Christmas, New Year, and other memorable events and experiences as they pass by.  Whenever I visit my hometown in the Philippines, the saddest part of my vacation is to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye involves physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual elements. We do not want to end making beautiful memories. We do not want to leave or be separated from our loved ones.

There was a lady who lost her mother at 94.  She said that while she was watching her at hospital moaning for pain, she knew that that was the time.  Her mother was all exhausted from the severe discomfort brought about by her ailment. She accepted that her mother needed to rest.  However, she had a hard time comprehending the reality that she is no longer able to see her mother again in this early life.

She also acknowledges that the death of her mother gave another dimension of her presence in her life. Now that she is gone, her wisdom and reminders have magnified in her daily life.  She takes into heart the values and teachings that she just took for granted before she died.  She treasures her reminders like taking care of herself, taking time to be with family and God in prayer now that she is no longer around.  She takes into account those memories and reminders from her mother with a sense of purpose and dedication.

Indeed, people who have difficulty saying goodbye are blessed people. They have experienced how it is to love and be loved.  They have shared life and beautiful memories with others. They have possessed a treasure that they can keep the rest of their lives.

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