Thoughts for Those Who are Grieving from the Loss of a Loved One

A message that our departed loved one might want to share with their grieving family:

It is time to go back to the side of my loving Father and Creator. Although there is great sadness in your heart, let me go to experience the eternal peace and happiness with God.

I ask you to see the brighter side. God will comfort you. As Jesus promised, blessed are those who mourn for God will comfort them. Be happy for I am happy. I have received the eternal reward of being a faithful friend and child of God.

You all have given your love to me all those years. You may not know how much you gave, but your kindness and love touched me that I keep them through eternity.

I thank you for your love. Please continue to let it shine and grow with limitless possibilities.

It’s time for me to leave. However, please remember that I am not far away. If times are hard, do not hesitate to call me. I will come to your aid.

Although you will not see or hear me the way you used to be, listen to your heart with prayers and good deeds. You will hear my love for you soft and clear.

Remember that when you come this way, you will not be alone. I will help prepare a beautiful place for you, greet you with a smile and a warm welcome to Home.

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