God is Always Involved in Our Lives

Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River marks the beginning of His public life and ministry. We can use the story of Jesus’ baptism to reflect upon every beginning we embark on or new conditions and changes that are taking place in our lives.

We all have different circumstances as we begin the year 2021. Some might greet it with joy as they welcome a new member of their family through birth or wedding, or news of a promotion or a new job opportunity. However, some might greet it with sorrow as they grieve for a loss of a loved one, a painful diagnosis, or a loss of a job. In all these changes and beginnings, whether positive or negative, we have to adjust to the way we live. Find comfort that God is always involved when we begin new things.

As Jesus comes out of the water, the Gospel says that the Heavens were open to Him. This narrative is the evangelist’s way of describing that what was happening at that moment of Jesus’ baptism was guided by Heaven. The Father was involved. God was present.

Things happen for a reason, and not by chance. God is still in control. He has a plan for us and He continues to bring that plan to fruition. However, we need to also understand that even though God is involved does not mean the absence of pain or hardship. Accompanied with our best effort, let us be patient to see how God brings something wonderful and beautiful with the changes and new beginnings that are taking place in our lives–may they be joyful or painful. God is involved.

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