The Two Sides of the Coin in the “Corona Virus” Lockdown

On the front side of the coin are the faces of those who are in the place of privilege who might welcome the lockdown in the comfort of their homes. They have abundance. Their refrigerators are full and their boredom is easily relieved with Netflix and modern electronic communication devices. They are those whose jobs provide them with the ability to work from home. The lockdown is indeed a minor adjustment and has only a small bearing on them.

On the reverse side of the coin are the faces of the poor. They include those who brave the scare of being infected because they could not afford to lose their day’s paycheck. They are also the healthcare workers and public servants who report to their posts to provide care and protection for the vulnerable. They are those who were forced to stay home because of lack of business revenues. They are those who continue to go to soup kitchens to take their meals to placate hunger. They are those who are filled with anxiety and fear of what the future holds for them and their families.

Let us check which side of the coin we are on, count our blessings, and become more sensitive to the call of prayer, charity, prudence, and solidarity.

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