Welcome to Helping Families Project.com.

This blog is intended to encourage families discuss advance care planning and medical care at the end of life. These topics are considered difficult subjects and are often avoided in conversations by many. However, sweeping them away under the edge of a carpet may become a potential cause of disputes and hardships when families are confronted with an actual end-of-life situation or crisis.  The conversation with your families on what matters to you should begin now in your homes. The emergency room or intensive care unit is not the ideal place to begin this conversation.

During times of serious illness, family members are already confronted with difficulties, ranging from financial constraints of medical care to emotional upheavals resulting from the impending loss. It would be an added burden for family members to be subjected to the task of deciding the wishes or the best interests of their loved ones. We need to confront these realities with openness and love.

This blog’s discussions, for the most part, shed light on commonly encountered areas of confusion at the end of life such as living wills, appointing a surrogate, comfort and hospice care, organ donation, tube feeding, life support, and others.

The proper understanding of the purpose of medicine, the meaning of life, as well as the Church’s teachings on both the sanctity and dignity of life serves as the blueprint in every article on this blog.

Our spirituality and faith play a major role in the way we care for our lives.

Selected topics on Christian spirituality are included in this blog.  These articles may help put in perspective the fundamental meaning and purpose of life as God’s loving creation. Our life involves relationships. Therefore, it is important to consider our faith and relationship with God and with our fellow human beings in making choices in life. A person with sound spiritual growth is able to see life’s values even in the midst of confusion, health crisis, or impending death. Our faith directs us to see what is important in our lives, which goes beyond our physical being.

I hope you find useful my narratives, researches, and insights on specific topics presented on this blog.

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Blessings to you and to your family.


Disclaimer: The views on this site are those of the blogger.  No content on this site should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical or legal advice. Readers are encouraged to seek the counsel and recommendation of a qualified professional for their specific cases. 


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